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BB Wives of LA

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BB Wives of Miami

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Welcome To A New Season of Basketball Wives

Welcome to a new season of basketball wives, but except we are in LA this time.  Let's take a minute to meet the ladies and then we can gossip.

You may recognize Gloria and her sister Laura from "Basketball Wives Miami."  As I was watching the first episode of BB Wives LA, I was thinking "I wonder how that meeting between Gloria and Shaunie went?"  For those of you who do not know there was a rumor surfing, that Gloria's sister Laura slept with Shaq..Yep, that's Shaunie's Shaq.  And on Season two of BB Wives Miami, Gloria, Shaunie, and the rest of the ladies had a huge argument about that little so call fling between Laura and Shaq.  To make a long story short the ladies of BB Wives Miami could never get passed that, and Gloria was removed from the show.  So, when I see here on BB Wives LA, it is such a shock, because Shaunie is like the "head b***** in charge" for the BB Wives television show, and I would have never thought Gloria or her sister would have been brought back in on a BB Wives show of their own.

I guess we can say Shaunie knows how to put the BS aside and get her money...Moving right along...

"Let's meet the BB Wives of LA"

Gloria is engaged to Matt Barnes who plays for LA.
Is Gloria suppose to be like the Shaunie on BB Wives Miami? I just don't understand how they are going to portray her.  She seems like the team leader out of the new wives.  I love the way she tries to stay positive, but she has to get more going for herself than just a mother and a wife.  She is shown on the show to be taking a couple of acting classes, but we will see how far that stretches.  C'mon girl spruce it up already!

Out on the Town and Having Drinks
We meet a few more of the ladies at "Pink Taco."
Imani- I actually like Imani, she is a very pretty lady.  She was in engaged to Stephen Jackson for nine years, and has been single for three years now.

Laura - Is Gloria's big sister.  There is/was a rumor surfing she slept with another BB Wife's husband.  On the very first episode she had just had a baby three weeks ago and experienced a major break up.  Kudos to her for keeping a smile, she tells us, "It's just a life experience."

Malaysia - Married to BB star Jannero Fargo and just had a baby eight months ago (when the show first aired).  Now before I introduce Miss Malaysia, I just want to give you a fore warning.  I can't quite figure this girl out yet.  The ladies on the show say she acts so bougie, and I agree, but she tries to act so "hood." Kind of like "Jenny from the block."  We find out on the show Malaysia isn't even her real name, it's Laquisha/Kesha or something to that effect.  As we know Laura and Malaysia got into a bit heated argument...well, actually it was way more than that, these girls went to battle on one another.  It started at a luncheon the ladies were having together.  Laura was trying to have a conversation with Malayia and the subject jump on Malaysia's name.  So, Malaysia was like my real name is Kesha and Laura says "I knew you was a rat."  When you call someone (a black person) a rat it's kind of like calling them ghetto or placing them in a category.  Well, Malaysia did not like the statement and she called Laura "a rat" right back.  Then the argument continued to get heated after Malaysia brought up the situation about Laura sleeping other women husbands. And all I can say is the drama hit the fan.  The pictures below will give you a visual of how things took place.
 Kimsha - Is Ron Artest wife.  She states she does not really fit in LA, because all these women are about is their bouginess(<<- is that even a, their botox, their boobs that sit up high on their chest, and she mentions that LA is over-rated.  Even though Kimsha is so real and true to her-self everyone likes her, unlike Tonya who is up next...

Hotel Erwin ~ More of the ladies are introduced...
Tonya - She is the ex wife of Jason Williams.  She calls herself an inspirational spirit speaker, but she is sooo weird.  I do not like her style of dressing, especially her jewelry, and her personality.  The biggest turn off was when she just sat in the midst of Laura and Malaysia's brawl and did absolutely nothing.  It was said she was looking up the words on her phone that were being said while the fight was going on and when Jackie called her to help break up the fight she kept saying something about "Ghetto."

This is just my personal opinion of Tonya, hopefully doing the next few episodes things will change.

Jackie - Is the wife of Doug Christie.  Everyone brags about Mrs. Jackie and how she is very protective of her husband.  That's not a bad thing at all, because look at the groupies and wanna-be's. Speaking of groupies, we have one of my BB Wives favorite of LA..Draya

Draya - Draya is brought on the show through an acting class with Gloria.  I have to question those acting classes and ask Gloria is she for real, because they were horrible.  It's so hilarious to watch Gloria and Draya act, because Draya

I just love Draya, she is definitely the baby of the show, but her motives I question.  She said she was a former stripper, who has dated a few BB players, and seems to know a lot more about Imani than she is actually telling on the show. 

Major Drama on the season premier of "BB Wives LA"
So, all the ladies are introduced, but now it is time to see what all the hype is about.  The show started at "Pink Taco" where we were introduced to Gloria, Imani, Laura, Malaysia, and Kimsha.  Everyone felt as though Malaysia was  bougie, but real.  We also got to see Malaysia hang out with her family in "tha hood" as she calls it, and they meet there, because she says that is where she is the most comfortable when she comes back to her home town.  Dressed in all that fur, with their high heels and big purses I can not imagine Malaysia hanging out there with the lifestyle she has now.  "A put on for the camera," is all what that was.  View the pics below!!!
At the "Texas hold'em game" Jackie became real upset when Tonya wouldn't shut her mouth.  Jackie mention to the girls her mom has liver cancer and this is a stressful time in her life.  She also stated she needs to work out, because all she has been doing lately is eating.  Tonya steps in and tells Jackie she needs to eat healthy  and ask for prayer, because prayer make you appreciate your life.  She goes on to mention her kid's teeth, and an accident that happen with them I guess recently.  Jackie gets upset, because the conversation was switch so sudden from Jacki to Tonya and Jackie mention all she wanted to do was "stick her left had and shove it down Tonya's throat."  So Jackie and Malaysia leave to go the bathroom and Jackie tells Malaysia her situation is over whelming and Tonya just won't shut her darn mouth. 

Gloria & Draya have Lunch
Gloria and Draya meet during an acting class and let me just say it was not all good...very whack...Well, after the class Gloria and Draya exchanged numbers and meet for lunch one afternoon.  Gloria mentions this was a test to see if she could trust Draya and decide if she would fit in with the other ladies.
Draya is dating is someone, but does not let us in to who that person is.  Gloria tells Draya she has seen her in a couple of photos with other basketball players and she was wondering should she classified her as a groupie or a jump off.  Draya says you have to go threw a couple of guys to see which one you want.  This leads Gloria to think Draya may have been with her man and that's just what Draya was wondering since Gloria was pounding the poor girl with so many questions.  Draya of course denies it, and it must have been a good enough response for Gloria, because she welcomes Draya in the circle.

Laura and Tonya have lunch as well.  Laura is seeking advice from Tonya, because she gained 84 pounds from having the baby.  She tells "T" she looks good and is wondering what she should be doing to start losing the weight.  Tonya does not like being call "T."  It is not up to her standards I suppose, but she does not let Laura in on that little pet peeve of hers.

Kimisha and Malaysia's shoe date...
Malaysia says she is a shoe whore and likes shopping everywhere.  Kimisha says she is no shoe whore and she does not have anything in common with Malaysia (lol...I just love Kimisha).  After their shoe date Malaysia admits she was trying to be friendly with Kimisha, but their was no chemistry in the atmosphere.  Kimisha says she thinks it is, because of the age different, in which she has been there done that and Malaysia is trying to do what she has already done. 

I hope you enjoyed episode one of BB Wives LA.  There was a lot drama, but the ladies seem interesting.  Only time will tell who will remain in the circle.  Feel free to leave comments and if you have any photo's you want to share leave a comment and I'll be in touch.  Smooches!!!

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