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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Episode 2: Draya admits she was a Stripper, Tanya has a negative effect on the ladies

As we watch the end of Malaysia and Laura's brawl.  It is clear who was trying to break the fight up and who was sitting there waiting on a bus (as Imani puts it in the show).  It is so embarrassing to see grown women fighting like that.  We know how dramatized we can be, but we should learn how to control those emotions inside of us.  It also feels VH1 is trying to hype the show with drama to pull in more viewers. 

After the fight Gloria invites the ladies to her house for a bar-be-q and everyone is invited except Malaysia.  This is Gloria's first time seeing all the ladies since the fight and she says she wants to clear something up.  Immediately Jackie and Imani are spelling the beans.  You know how we women gossip..."Gloria says I sent a text to Malaysia saying I am xxxing her up on site," "Jackie says Malaysia's real name is Laquesha, and Imani adds in I knew you were a rat which is said to Malaysia from Laura."

I feel like the fight started between the ladies, because Laura called Malaysia a rat.  Although it was not necessary to say something like that, I think Malaysia just over reacted.  Ladies we do that from time to time....We will be sitting down with our girls having a good time and we will sometimes call one another a bxxch, hoe, slut, or something to that effect.  Any other time those words would probably be unacceptable, but during that time it was not.  It was totally appropriate...

The ladies begin to talk about how Tanya was not helping and Jackie stated she begged Tonya to help and all Tonya said was "I'm not getting in that mess, that's ghetto."

Now that's who they should have jump on.  How can your so call friend say she is not going to help you and you are getting your behind kick.  That is totally a WOW factor for me.  Let me just give you an example, if I was going out with my sisters and one of my sisters bought a friend along, I would totally have the friend's back if a fight broke out.  For one, she is one of us tonight and two, I would want her to do the same for me.  Now, that is not to say I would fight the other person, but I would try to break it up.  Well, Tanya all of sudden walks in while Gloria, Jackie, and Imani are in on their conversation about the fight.

Tanya says, " I heard my name..."

As the ladies gather on Gloria's couch to discuss why Tanya did not help, this is what she had to say..."I did not know what a hood rat was, so I googled it.  Sometimes adding another hand does not help the situation."  Imani tells Tanya it just seemed like you were waiting on the bus and Tanya says I don't take buses (lol, she took the joke too literally).  Gloria steps in and says, "what situation would you jump in?"  You can tell on the show Tanya begins to get a little frazzle and finally says this is not going anywhere and I have made my point.  She leaves without anyone knowing exactly what that point is.

Goodbye Tanya....Jackie says everybody has written Tanya off and that beautiful peaceful BS is not going to work (LMBO)....

Gloria invites the ladies  to paintball.  She has also invited another chick who the ladies will all soon meet....

Draya comes down the walk way with her Louis Vuitton purse, saying everyone hates the new girls, but she says she can handle anything being thrown at her.  Jackie's first impression was "where did Gloria find this little girl?"  I must admit, I am in love with Draya.  She adds so much spunk on the show and I love her facial expressions.  Although she seems much younger than the other ladies, I think she will have them on their toes and she will fit in just fine.

After the paintball, which I might add Draya was the last girl standing, the ladies sit down and chat.  There is a party happening Saturday that Draya invites all the ladies to she says to break the ice, but judging by what she asks Imani, I think she broke that ice a little too soon.  Draya asked Imani did she remember doing a group bowling in Houston with her man (not sure the name) and Draya.  Imani says no and who is my man...Imani then believes Draya is trying to start something, because she states she has never meet Draya in her life.

Jackie comments and says there should be no secrets, but then all of a sudden it clicks in Imani head where she knows Draya from.  OMG, it sounded so fake on the show...Imani says "Then it clicks.  It all comes rushing back in my mind.  I know exactly who this girl is and what she does, Did you use to be a stripper?"  Draya says yes and she just stop being a stripper two years ago.  She says it just kind of was not a full pledge deal (yeah right).  At this point Gloria states Draya is the enemy in a lot basketball wives eyes and she is the one that ruins relationships.

Imani says she did not come from a background where that was acceptable and she has a problem with Draya being a former stripper (stop judging girl).  She goes on to say she had kids on her own and was very young, but she never had to morally cross that line to herself for four quarters (Lmbo).

Jacki asked Draya is she consider a jump off...By now all the focus is completely on Draya as the questions are coming in from every angle, but Draya says "They desire to see her perspire, but she is not going to let the girls see her sweat, although they are annoying her."

Okay, so lets just back up, first we found out Draya was a former stripper and then everyone goes judging her like they have not made mistakes.  I do not approve of her being a stripper, but if that was the best she knew how to take care of business, then I how can you judge her.  At least she does not have to do it now.  I think these ladies need to be more of a sister or role model to her, instead of pointing fingers and forming an opinion about her.  Which is exactly what Laura wants to do.  Imani says she is willing to put on her cape and save Draya too, but she does not want to waste her time if she does not want to be save.

Laura and Malaysia's  apology
Laura realizes she over reacted with Malaysia and says it was not all her fault.  She says she has a whole laundry list of stuff she is going through and one day she will sit down and tell Malaysia because she feels all Malaysia truly knows about her is what she has read from online.  This seems so fake to me, like it was skit.  Both of the ladies were soft spoken and how can you just be friends after the kind of brawl they just had.  I mean this just wasn't some cursing words.  There was hair pulling, bleeding, fists being thrown, and words said you could never take back.  I just don't how they were able to make up so easily with this only being the second episode.  Sounds fishy...

Passion Party
Was this a passion party with a life coach or a sex party, because for some reason Draya and Laura got the wrong ideal about the party.  Well, to confirm this was a passion party with a life coach to discuss the girl's purpose in life and the success they can have out of it.  Each of the ladies pulled a card and what ever the word on the card was, they would say passion or not passion.  So for example, Laura pulled belief, Jackie pulled family, Imani pulled friends, Malaysia pulled career, and Draya pulled social relations.  Everyone was passion about their card except Draya, because she says everyone already views her in a negative way and when she tried to open up to the girls, but they did not take her serious.

The next game the girls played while their at the passion party was a word game.  Everyone was to put a word to describe how they feel about each of the ladies in a box.  For example, Jackie box contained motherly and godly, Imani box contained gorgeous energetic honorable, Malaysia box contained reserved flossy sassy, and Draya box contained animated sneaky and WORTHLESS. Jackie wanted to know who put worthless in Draya's box so she had an ideal for everyone to tell what word was placed in Draya's box and why.  Well, we find out Imani is the one who put worthless in Draya's box (how can you call someone worthless when you barely even know them.)  Imani did not want to discuss at that moment why she put that in Draya's box, but said she would tell once they can sit down and talk about it together.

You know I do not quite understand why Imani dislikes Draya, but only time shall tell.

Party with Draya
So Draya invited all the ladies to a club party and I'm not sure why Draya was acting so weird with Malaysia.  It was kind of like she had a crush on her.  Draya was all in her face telling her how pretty she is like a beauty queen, told the girl she wanted to pretty much take her place in the circle, because everyone considers Malaysia the baby of the group and then Draya had the nerve to Malaysia she wanted to see her privates.  Hold up...Is she coming on to this girl?  Can't wait until next week for episode three

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Welcome To A New Season of Basketball Wives

Welcome to a new season of basketball wives, but except we are in LA this time.  Let's take a minute to meet the ladies and then we can gossip.

You may recognize Gloria and her sister Laura from "Basketball Wives Miami."  As I was watching the first episode of BB Wives LA, I was thinking "I wonder how that meeting between Gloria and Shaunie went?"  For those of you who do not know there was a rumor surfing, that Gloria's sister Laura slept with Shaq..Yep, that's Shaunie's Shaq.  And on Season two of BB Wives Miami, Gloria, Shaunie, and the rest of the ladies had a huge argument about that little so call fling between Laura and Shaq.  To make a long story short the ladies of BB Wives Miami could never get passed that, and Gloria was removed from the show.  So, when I see here on BB Wives LA, it is such a shock, because Shaunie is like the "head b***** in charge" for the BB Wives television show, and I would have never thought Gloria or her sister would have been brought back in on a BB Wives show of their own.

I guess we can say Shaunie knows how to put the BS aside and get her money...Moving right along...

"Let's meet the BB Wives of LA"

Gloria is engaged to Matt Barnes who plays for LA.
Is Gloria suppose to be like the Shaunie on BB Wives Miami? I just don't understand how they are going to portray her.  She seems like the team leader out of the new wives.  I love the way she tries to stay positive, but she has to get more going for herself than just a mother and a wife.  She is shown on the show to be taking a couple of acting classes, but we will see how far that stretches.  C'mon girl spruce it up already!

Out on the Town and Having Drinks
We meet a few more of the ladies at "Pink Taco."
Imani- I actually like Imani, she is a very pretty lady.  She was in engaged to Stephen Jackson for nine years, and has been single for three years now.

Laura - Is Gloria's big sister.  There is/was a rumor surfing she slept with another BB Wife's husband.  On the very first episode she had just had a baby three weeks ago and experienced a major break up.  Kudos to her for keeping a smile, she tells us, "It's just a life experience."

Malaysia - Married to BB star Jannero Fargo and just had a baby eight months ago (when the show first aired).  Now before I introduce Miss Malaysia, I just want to give you a fore warning.  I can't quite figure this girl out yet.  The ladies on the show say she acts so bougie, and I agree, but she tries to act so "hood." Kind of like "Jenny from the block."  We find out on the show Malaysia isn't even her real name, it's Laquisha/Kesha or something to that effect.  As we know Laura and Malaysia got into a bit heated argument...well, actually it was way more than that, these girls went to battle on one another.  It started at a luncheon the ladies were having together.  Laura was trying to have a conversation with Malayia and the subject jump on Malaysia's name.  So, Malaysia was like my real name is Kesha and Laura says "I knew you was a rat."  When you call someone (a black person) a rat it's kind of like calling them ghetto or placing them in a category.  Well, Malaysia did not like the statement and she called Laura "a rat" right back.  Then the argument continued to get heated after Malaysia brought up the situation about Laura sleeping other women husbands. And all I can say is the drama hit the fan.  The pictures below will give you a visual of how things took place.
 Kimsha - Is Ron Artest wife.  She states she does not really fit in LA, because all these women are about is their bouginess(<<- is that even a, their botox, their boobs that sit up high on their chest, and she mentions that LA is over-rated.  Even though Kimsha is so real and true to her-self everyone likes her, unlike Tonya who is up next...

Hotel Erwin ~ More of the ladies are introduced...
Tonya - She is the ex wife of Jason Williams.  She calls herself an inspirational spirit speaker, but she is sooo weird.  I do not like her style of dressing, especially her jewelry, and her personality.  The biggest turn off was when she just sat in the midst of Laura and Malaysia's brawl and did absolutely nothing.  It was said she was looking up the words on her phone that were being said while the fight was going on and when Jackie called her to help break up the fight she kept saying something about "Ghetto."

This is just my personal opinion of Tonya, hopefully doing the next few episodes things will change.

Jackie - Is the wife of Doug Christie.  Everyone brags about Mrs. Jackie and how she is very protective of her husband.  That's not a bad thing at all, because look at the groupies and wanna-be's. Speaking of groupies, we have one of my BB Wives favorite of LA..Draya

Draya - Draya is brought on the show through an acting class with Gloria.  I have to question those acting classes and ask Gloria is she for real, because they were horrible.  It's so hilarious to watch Gloria and Draya act, because Draya

I just love Draya, she is definitely the baby of the show, but her motives I question.  She said she was a former stripper, who has dated a few BB players, and seems to know a lot more about Imani than she is actually telling on the show. 

Major Drama on the season premier of "BB Wives LA"
So, all the ladies are introduced, but now it is time to see what all the hype is about.  The show started at "Pink Taco" where we were introduced to Gloria, Imani, Laura, Malaysia, and Kimsha.  Everyone felt as though Malaysia was  bougie, but real.  We also got to see Malaysia hang out with her family in "tha hood" as she calls it, and they meet there, because she says that is where she is the most comfortable when she comes back to her home town.  Dressed in all that fur, with their high heels and big purses I can not imagine Malaysia hanging out there with the lifestyle she has now.  "A put on for the camera," is all what that was.  View the pics below!!!
At the "Texas hold'em game" Jackie became real upset when Tonya wouldn't shut her mouth.  Jackie mention to the girls her mom has liver cancer and this is a stressful time in her life.  She also stated she needs to work out, because all she has been doing lately is eating.  Tonya steps in and tells Jackie she needs to eat healthy  and ask for prayer, because prayer make you appreciate your life.  She goes on to mention her kid's teeth, and an accident that happen with them I guess recently.  Jackie gets upset, because the conversation was switch so sudden from Jacki to Tonya and Jackie mention all she wanted to do was "stick her left had and shove it down Tonya's throat."  So Jackie and Malaysia leave to go the bathroom and Jackie tells Malaysia her situation is over whelming and Tonya just won't shut her darn mouth. 

Gloria & Draya have Lunch
Gloria and Draya meet during an acting class and let me just say it was not all good...very whack...Well, after the class Gloria and Draya exchanged numbers and meet for lunch one afternoon.  Gloria mentions this was a test to see if she could trust Draya and decide if she would fit in with the other ladies.
Draya is dating is someone, but does not let us in to who that person is.  Gloria tells Draya she has seen her in a couple of photos with other basketball players and she was wondering should she classified her as a groupie or a jump off.  Draya says you have to go threw a couple of guys to see which one you want.  This leads Gloria to think Draya may have been with her man and that's just what Draya was wondering since Gloria was pounding the poor girl with so many questions.  Draya of course denies it, and it must have been a good enough response for Gloria, because she welcomes Draya in the circle.

Laura and Tonya have lunch as well.  Laura is seeking advice from Tonya, because she gained 84 pounds from having the baby.  She tells "T" she looks good and is wondering what she should be doing to start losing the weight.  Tonya does not like being call "T."  It is not up to her standards I suppose, but she does not let Laura in on that little pet peeve of hers.

Kimisha and Malaysia's shoe date...
Malaysia says she is a shoe whore and likes shopping everywhere.  Kimisha says she is no shoe whore and she does not have anything in common with Malaysia (lol...I just love Kimisha).  After their shoe date Malaysia admits she was trying to be friendly with Kimisha, but their was no chemistry in the atmosphere.  Kimisha says she thinks it is, because of the age different, in which she has been there done that and Malaysia is trying to do what she has already done. 

I hope you enjoyed episode one of BB Wives LA.  There was a lot drama, but the ladies seem interesting.  Only time will tell who will remain in the circle.  Feel free to leave comments and if you have any photo's you want to share leave a comment and I'll be in touch.  Smooches!!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Episode 3: Royce and Evelyn's Brawl

There was so much drama, baby-mama drama, and mixed feelings on episode 3 of Basketball Wives, season 3.  So, get ready to read the juicy scoop on the ladies and be amazed at what is going down.

Royce tells Suzie she wants all the ladies to sit down and everyone will tell who is saying what about who.  Well, honey your wish came true....

Evelyn, Jennifer, Suzie, and Royce meet for a girl's night out.  We learn from this little meeting that Royce has been tweeting Jennifer's ex-husband ERIC!?  Jennifer ask Royce about it and she doesn't deny it, but says that Eric and her are not friends.  Jennifer continues to search for answer regarding this tweeter business, but Royce tells Jennifer she thinks she is really mad at her, because of the so-called nudity pictures Jennifer took of herself.  Royce tells Jennifer she feels she leaked the picture, but Jennifer says that is not true.  The drama between the two ladies is also aimed at what Jennifer refers to Royce as running her mouth too much, immature, and this twitter business (Boy that twitter will get you messed up!?).  Royce goes on to say she could be cool with Jennifer if she did not co-sign on everything Evelyn says.  Of course Evelyn speaks up, Royce tells her to "shut-up," and then the hair starts flying.  Take a look at some of the pictures below and let me know what you think?!

Other Sparks on Episode 3 of BB Wives
Evelyn and Chad wants twins.  They want one boy or twin boys.  Evelyn is like 35 years old, as she states on the show, and with that being said I don't think she is going to go through with it.  Isn't Chad like younger than her?

Royce introduces her new boyfriend "Brian" on the show, who is by the way....way hotter than her last man.  She says they are not having any sexual relations until after 6 months, I do believe.  Her daddy isn't too thrill and states she is just lonely.  Royce says she doesn't want to be alone, I guess that's why the new boyfriend bought the new puppy?!

Meeka of course is still twinkling in her drama and says she feels she is in the middle with this mess she entrapped her own-self in....Now this is something I can agree with you on Mrs. Meeka.  You would not even be in this mess if you had just played it cool on both sides.  Suzie however feels bad for Meeka, but Royce couldn't have said this any better..."The difference between Suzie and Meeka is Suzie knows everybody and knows how they are.  Meeka is in a danger spot, because she doesn't know who to believe and that the other side may seem appealing, which means she is more prong to be cross." As Tami stated in the last episode, she can use Meeka just for what she wants, because Meeka is that type of person to switch from friend to friend, whatever is better for her.

Suzie continues to say when stuff hits the fan, she will be there for Royce, but as a mediator too.  My thing is where were you when Royce and Evelyn starting fighting??? Standing there looking like casper the ghost (got that from my girl NeNe from Housewives of Royce said she would try to work out whatever Jennifer and her maybe going through.  So, this is when Suzie ask Royce to meet with Evelyn and Jennifer to hash things out.  Royce agreed, because she tried to so the same thing on last season when Evelyn and Suzie were beefing.

Royce and Meeka sit down to talk about the hear-says.  Meeka says she thought Tami was Royce's pet bull.  She also goes on to say Royce thinks everyone is trying to put their opinions on her and influence her in one direction or the other and she AGREES....WOW...WHAT!  Royce says she doesn't fell like people want them to be cool and Meeka says she has to make a decision who she wants to spend her time it really that crucial?!

Thanks for visiting and reading.  I hope you like the personal approach to my blog.  I try to say it like I see it on BB Wives.  Let me know what you think!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Episode 2: Meeka Meets Tami & Leaves A Bitter Taste With Some Of The Other BB Wives

Meeka says on the show she wants to get to know Evelyn one on one and so she invites her for a sit down.  Just like she claimed Jennifer and her are so much a like she has that same clinging claim with Evelyn.  She explains to Evelyn she doesn't want to put herself in a click just yet, but that she could never hang out with Royce and at this point on the show she hasn't meet Suzie or Tami yet to say if she would be in their circle.  Really, she has already made a decision, because she stated she already considers herself to have more things in common with Shaunie, Evelyn, and Jennifer.

Two-faced is what you are sweet heart.  You can't just play both sides of the field and expect to make everyone happy in the end.  I guess you can say Tami agreed with me, because she saw right through her from the moment she meet Meeka. 

Tami and Meeka meet for the first time at a night club.  Meeka of course tried to fit right in by making general conversations on a nice level as I like to call it.  But we know from the first episode she will act sweet and innocent in front of you, but will go behind your back to run and tell how she truly feels.  Which is what Tami addresses on the next meet and greet with Meeka. 

Royce, Tami, and Meeka meet for a few drinks and Tami informs Royce she received a phone call from "someone on the other side (who knows who it could of be, but I suspect Jennifer or it could have been Shaunie)," who stated Meeka didn't like Royce and was pretty much talking trash behind her back.  Immediately, when Meeka arrived Tami asked Meeka about this issue.  Of course your girl Meeka dance around the situation trying to twist and turn her words.  My girl Tami saw right through that and you could see the tension on Meeka's face, which in turn she through the hand in Tami's face, I could have fail out of my seat when Tami said, that hand would get you popped (toooo funny). 

Other Issues on Episode 2:
Royce claims Evelyn sleeps around a lot (which we know what she is trying to say).  Shaunie has a talk with Suzie about the girls (Evelyn & Jenn), which she says she wants Suzie to just kind of stay clear and neutral from all the mess.  Evelyn and Suzie have an apologetic moment on the show and now it seems they are BFF's again (wow, how long will this last).  Suzie then tells Royce she is back in the circle, but Royce says she is just waiting on the moment for them to throw her back under the bus.  Evelyn encourages Jennifer to do online was not a good decision to make in my opinion... Stay tuned for episode 3

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Don't We Just Luv Drama: Season 3 of Basketball Wives is On

Drama, Drama, Drama....Oh how we love it.  Season 3 of Basketball Wives premiered Monday May 30, 2011.

So, what exactly will we get from Season 3?  Do you think it could even amount to all the dramatic acting in Season 2.  Let's just recapped...

Eric & Jennifer are filing for a divorce, which looks as though it will be finalize on this season.

Evelyn and Chad are engaged and wanting baby(s)
~ Oh wow! I'm really waiting to see how this goes

Suzie is back in the circle and it looks like Tami and her are besties.
~I'm not going to hold my breath long on this one (just saying)

Tami, Tami, Tami (that's my girl). She has some type of beef with Evelyn and some t-shirts with the words "you are a none mf factor bxtch."  I think Tami could actually take Evelyn.  Evelyn acts like she is tough, but I don't think she has it in her.  
Royce is broken up with her boyfriend from last season, who she states she was sooo in love with.  But now she says she was unhappy in the relationship.

Shaunie, our peace maker is looking great.  She is in the midst of it all with the ladies.

 Lastly, we have a new face to the show.  Meeka (welcome girl)
~Okay, so let's just get this out of the way...home girl is messy and she does not fit in the picture.  Like Jenn said she is coming with some high school drama and trying to play both sides of the table.  "Girl, please get your own drama and stop stirring up other peoples."

So, lets get to what is happening on Season 3...
Jennifer moves out of the place Eric and her had after Eric told her he sold the condo they stayed in.  She is putting a delightful spin on the situation by saying "out with the old, in with the new." And she also claims she is glowing on cloud nine, and she is peaceful...Blah, Blah...Okay we get it already you are happy.  

Evelyn says she doesn't feel the tension between Suzie and her from last season is there anymore and it will eventually all just blow over.  As for as Tami, Evelyn says she thinks they genuinely like one another, but that also their relationship will take some time to evolve (and this coming from the drama t-shirt maker).  

As the show progress, we see Tami and Royce meeting for a talk.  Royce ask Tami could she give Suzie a second chance.  And for those of you who don't know why Tami is upset with Suzie, it is because Suzie said something behind Tami's back last season.  Tami got upset, and said on the show she should not be judge by anyone until they have gotten a chance to meet her personally... As the conversation continues, Tami asks Royce has she checked her twitter page for the past couple of weeks, because she heard Evelyn was making some t-shirts with the words of "you are a none mf factor bxtch."  Of course Tami is upset about the t-shirts, because she feels Evelyn is trying to make a mockery of the big blow out they had among one another on the last season.  So, Tami addresses Evelyn on the situation.  

The very first time Tami and Evelyn come face to face on the show, Tami tries to tell Evelyn to just back off with the shirts.  Evelyn refuses and Tami turns around and serves Evelyn with a law suit. 

Drama with Meeka (the newiest BB Wife)
Meeka comes to Florida to try and make it on the real estate there.  She first meets Shaunie...and...OMG...she thought she was seeing a superstar(which she is a celebrity star, but I guess she just really respects the woman Shaunie is).  She says she considers Shaunie as a role model.  Next, she meets Jennifer and immediately starts a drama conversation about Jennifer's soon to be ex husband.  She states she heard him on a radio show and it sounded to her like Eric was still in love with Jennifer.  Jenn responded and said she still loves Eric, but she is not in love with home and she doesn't like him...WOW...nice way to put it Jenn.  Meeka compares her self to Jenn and says she strikes her as a very independent woman and doesn't take any b/s just like herself.     

Moving on to Meeka meeting Royce and having dinner with Shaunie, Evelyn, and Jennifer...
Meeka meets Royce for the first time and states to Royce she already had an opinion about her (okay Suzie # careful...I think Royce can take you)  Meeka goes on to say she feels she is consulting an enemy, because Royce is a professional dancer.  Royce explains it is only a job and Meeka says she should not have taken a job as a dancer. And if I was Royce, I would be thinking who are you, and do you plan on becoming my man to take care of me...I think not....So, I don't need your judgemental attitude.
As the day progresses into evening...
Meeka meets up with Evelyn, Jennifer, and Shaunie.  Meeka is nervous, because she does not know how Evelyn will accept her in the circle (this is her first time meeting Evelyn).  So, the conversation starts with Meeka telling the girls she just came from lunch with Royce.  She makes some negative remarks about Royce's shades, clothes, and just talks a lot of ish.  But since Evelyn gave her the okay, I guess we should consider her okay.

Meeka & the drama she is unfolding, and do you think Shaunie can fix it all...